Product Development

Product Development

Facts about our Geo Spatial Development

With our extensive approach & knowledge in this field, we offer solutions throughout the entire Geo Spatial product development lifecycle, from Ideation (idea generation) to Research, Usability Engineering, Product Prototyping (Development, Testing & QA, Documentation), Porting, Training, Deployment, Technical Support and Maintenance

  • Researching on the newest ideas and finding the most favourable outcomes to be put forwarded to the design team
  • Designing & developing open source and innovative products adhesively following the latest technological trends
  • Evaluation of product designs through virtual prototyping
  • Developing high quality end-to-end customized products, on time and to budget depending according to the client requirements
  • With a vast range of products, our services span across the whole Geo spatial industry concepts
  • Our Test team always performs meticulous Testing & QA process and products are always subjected to a beta release before the final release
  • We can assist you in developing desired applications with the most suitable technological platforms and programming languages

    Web Application development platforms
    J2EE with Springs (3.0.2) framework
    PostgreSQL 8.3 & Oracle 11g with Hibernate
    GeoServer 2.1
    Application server - TC Server(Spring Source)
    Configuration Tool - Tortoise SVN
    IDE - Eclipse 3.5
    Build Tool - Ant, Maven

    MapFish libraries
    GeoExt libraries
    JFreeCharts, Google Charts
    OGC documents

Web design software
Adobe Photoshop
Extension JavaScript (ExtJS)

Application Development Platforms
(coming soon)

Adobe Flash builder 4.0
Vaadin framework
Business Intelligence software
Collaborative Application