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Need Corporate GIS?

All you need is an internet browser
A Corporate Geographical Information System is similar to Enterprise GIS and satisfies the spatial information requirements of an entire organization in an incorporated mode. Advantages of using a Corporate GIS in a large scale organization or Govt. sector can result in better information handling and improved knowledge sharing. With the help of a corporate GIS, each and every user in the organization will have access to shared, complete, accurate, high quality and up-to-date data. Usage of a shared technology and quick access to expertise in the specific matter will boost the organization's learning standards thereby leading to revolutionary innovations.

Our proven experience in delivering sophisticated and powerful web GIS solutions to both Government sectors and large enterprise environments have helped us to transform this field with innovations. Our success is built on the strongest bricks of latest technological advances in IT and vast knowledge of traditional GIS working styles.

All you need is an internet browser
Can it be any more easier? Log in to your application through any Web browser for a full strength GIS functionality on demand.

Up & Running within a short time
Deploy wholesome web applications within a short span. MapView solutions are fast and economic to deploy. Remember? Faster ROI is always directly proportional to faster time to market.

Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
By moving to a pure web GIS, license and maintenance costs can be reduced which in-turn results in reducing the cost of ownership. Data acquisition and information updation from a single source improves productivity, re-use of resources, with a highly reduced risk of duplication and human error.

Preserve existing systems & technology
"Carry on your legacy". Integrate the new corporate GIS with existing technology, solutions and GIS, if you recognize that as the best suit.

Better placed to Innovate !
We provide an affordable, reliable, and substantial GIS solutions depending on the size and stream of business. Innovations always pave ways to improved customer satisfaction. Hence we recommend a corporate GIS as the best suit for any sector ranging from local governing councils to global governmental sectors.

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