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Geo BI

Think Fast, Act Quick
Wouldn't it be easier if you can navigate and explore freely from maps to business reports and vice versa? How much time you could save if you can simply generate reports with a couple of clicks on a digitized map structure? Didn't you think at least once, that you wanted an easier information retrieval tool to compare your output from different geographical locations by clicking on a map?

An estimated 60% of all business data contains a geographic data component: an address, a zip code, a landmark and proximity to another location. Though Geographic Information System (GIS) and Business Intelligence (BI) followed separate development and implementation paths, increased requirement for a more proactive operational picture resulted in the formation of a collaborative model of these two technologies.

Formation of GeoBI became more than a conference topic, once IT scene advanced to embrace common ways of compiling, storing, using and allocating data. The reality being interpretation of both GIS analysis and BI analysis vary in strength and has their own limitations, but GeoBI, the integrated model, has brought optimal solutions to the constraints on these two applications and emerged as a flawless model in today's fast-paced business world.

  • Navigate and explore freely from maps to business reports and vice versa
  • Reducing time consumption by generating reports easily from maps
  • Cost effective products to create highly interactive thematic e-maps for business analysis
  • Visualization provides the means to effectively synthesize detailed data into information analyze it and present this content in a comprehensible mode to users.

Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI) has therefore recently stimulated an audible interest for the huge potential of combining spatial analysis and map visualization with proven BI tools and techniques such as data warehousing (DW), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), reporting tools, dashboards and data mining.

In simple words, GeoBI is a decision support application that uses geographical maps as basis representation of complex and critical data. This all-in-one suite of visualization, analysis, printing and reporting tools can assist your business enterprise to overcome obstacles in critical business matters.