Election GIS

Kerala Assembly Elections 2011
This portal has been designed and developed with such an endeavor in mind so as to make it one of the best knowledge portals our state has ever seen. Many features have been included in this project to make it the most interactive and knowledgeable resource regarding our state's political happenings during elections.

How it works:

1) On the homepage you would be shown a map of India with a highlighted Kerala on which all the 14 districts are shown in different color shades.

2) Double click on the related district and you could see a zoomed version of that district with all the constituencies as its subdivisions.

3) Click on a specific constituency and you could see a small window popping up with all the 3 key candidates' photos.

4) Click on the photo of any candidate to view his/her profile & other details.
Additional Features Include:

A search facility in which you can either enter a search query or you can select the district and then related constituency and find all the candidates in 2006 and 2011 Assembly elections.

A grievances' box on the top right hand side of the screen through which you can post issues in your constituency. (We are in the process of establishing links directly to the relevant authorities to convey the grievances).

An Opinion Poll facility for which the results would be shown later on.